Darke County Parks relies upon volunteer involvement

in all aspects of our operations, from programs to maintenance.  Descriptions of volunteer opportunities are listed on this page.  After basic training, and the required paperwork, volunteers can set up a customized work schedule.  Completed volunteer applications should be mailed to the Nature Center.  For more info, contact our Volunteer Coordinator or fill out an application on the left.  


Volunteer in the Spotlight

Meet Tam, Coleman, and Scarlet McNulty; this quarter’s Volunteers in the Spotlight!

Ever since they were 2-years-old, Coleman (12) and Scarlet (9) have been attending programs and camps at Shawnee Prairie Preserve. Tam has a passion for art as well as the outdoors and is the director for the Anna Bier Art Gallery. Starting as animal care volunteers back in January, the McNultys have helped with feeding and watering our animal ambassadors twice a week as well as completing major projects like cleaning and re-establishing our water turtle tank. On sunny days they even take our box turtles out to bask in the sun, which is their favorite part. When asked how they would encourage others to volunteer, Scarlet would tell them, “It’s a really good job and it’s fun!” Coleman said, “I love working with my family and learning while working with the animals.” Tam believes that volunteering helps them “absorb knowledge” and “deepen their education.” The McNulty family fully supports the expansion of the Darke County Parks with the Bish Discovery Center and can’t wait to see what more is to come. Thank you, McNulty family. We love your passion and excitement to volunteer.

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