The Darke County Birders Club was formed in the fall of 1997 by a group of people united in their love of birds and natural sciences. The purpose of the club is to; (1) Enjoy bird watching; (2) Promote wildlife conservation; (3) Provide educational programs; (4) Encourage community involvement. Club membership is for all regardless of experience. The club has adopted a Birder's Code of Ethics based on the American Birding Association Code.

Whatever your interest in birds, the Darke County Birders has a program you're sure to like. Past programs have included hawk watching, photography, backyard bird feeding, wildlife rehabilitation, and John James Audubon. Field trips are scheduled monthly to seek out birds in different habitats. Besides ornithological interests, the trips explore history, geology, botany, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians. Half-day trips are planned for local birds in Darke County. Extended overnight trips may travel to Canada, The Wilds, or Crane Creek.