Register for Summer Camps Today!

Summer will be here before we know it!  Darke County Parks summer camps are a great way to immerse your kids in nature and away from the screen!     

You can call or email TODAY to reserve your campers' spot in their camp of choice, 937-548-0165 or  

Check out the Summer Edition of the Nature Notes HERE.

Download a Registration Packet HERE.

Registration is REQUIRED for all camps.  Payment and registration packet that must be completed 4 weeks prior to camp to ensure placement.

  • Ages 6-7: June 25-29: 10a-12p daily
    • Egg-citing Science - $65
    • This “Eggciting” camp will focus on fun “eggsperiments” and everything egg in nature including bird eggs, frog eggs, insect eggs, and snakes.
  • Ages 6-7: July 16-20: 10a-12p daily
    • Sticks & Stones - $65
    • Sticks and Stones will take us into the field as we explore, build and discover nature around us.  Explore fossils and gems, build forts and make hiking sticks! 
  • Ages 7-11: June 11-15: 10a-12p daily
    • Stamp Into Nature - $65
    • Stamps, ink pad, and log book in hand!  It sounds like you are ready to hit the trails and start Letterboxing.  Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby which combines hiking, orienteering, treasure hunting, and puzzle solving.  Campers will get the chance to create their own trail name, carve stamps and fill their logbook.  
  • Ages 7-11: July 9-11: 9:30a-12:30p daily
    • Inspiration in Blue: An Art Camp - $50
    • An art camp focusing on the blues found in nature.  In conjunction with the Anna Bier Art Gallery, Darke County Parks will host this creative camp geared to budding young artists.  Each day we’ll create pieces inspired by the sky, flowers, and all creatures of blue found on earth. Artwork completed will be on display at the DCCA Barbecue and Blues event at the Greenville Public Library Friday, July 13th.
  • Ages 8-9: June 18-22: 10a-12p daily
    • Earth Ninjas - $75
    • Join us as we calm our minds like Jedi’s, learn to move silently with the rhythm of the forest, and activate body senses through fun training games and wild nature play.  Discover how to blend into the landscape using camouflage and by mimicking wild animals.  Hone your skills with exciting missions and challenges as you earn the title of Earth Ninja!
  • Ages 8-9: July 23-27: 10a-12p daily
    • Mad Scientists - $75
    • Science is everywhere!  Join us for a week full of experiments that are sure to delight as we delve into the natural world of science!  There are sure to be booms, bubbles, and “Oh wows”!
  • Ages 8-12: July 5-6: Thurs 1pm - Fri. 11am (single overnight)
    • Nature at Night - $45
    • There is so much to see and do in the park after dark!  This single overnight event will give a quick introduction to camping while being close to modern facilities for comfort.  After setting up camp, there will be a dinner over the campfire, a night hike, games and more.  Campers will go home after we eat breakfast and break down camp the following day.  Don’t miss this exciting adventure at Shawnee Prairie! 
      *Includes one overnight camping experience
  • Ages 10-12: June 11-15: 1p-4p daily (single overnight experience)
    • Voyagers - $95
    •  Become “voyagers” as we learn to paddle canoes and kayaks through flat water and creeks.  We’ll learn the basics of navigation to find our way along the waterways just as the voyagers of old did.  Prepare to get wet daily and join us as we voyage the waters of Darke County and beyond as we complete our week with a lake-side tent camping adventure! New games, locations and activities will make this camp exciting for all.
      *Includes one overnight camping experience
  • Ages 13-15: July 9-13: 10a-4p daily (single overnight experience)
    • Outdoor Adventure - $135
    • Outdoor adventure is all around us; you just have to know where to look!  We’ll travel by kayaks along a local waterway, explore a cave by flashlight, speed down twisting paths on mountain bikes and take to the skies exploring elevated challenge courses and ziplines.  We will conclude the week with an overnight camping and paddling experience.
      *Includes one overnight camping experience