Anthony Wayne Peace Council House Open

Want to learn more about the Treaty of Greenville, about the customs of the Native Americans here 200 years ago, or about the purpose of the council house? Join a local historian on July 16th from 1-3pm at the Anthony Wayne Peace Council House located at Prairie Ridge Meadow Park across from the Garst Museum to find out about these interests and more. Visitors can expect to see gifts from the twelve tribes who signed the treaty as well as many ceremonial items like a turtle shell representing the earth, a talking stick, and the ceremonial fire pits. Please remember, out of respect for the tribes who signed the treaty, enter the council house through the east door, with the rising sun, and exit though the west door, with the setting sun. The council house will also be open once more this summer on August 13th from 1-3pm.

For questions about this program or any other program offered by the Darke County Parks, please stop by the nature center, call (937) 548-0165, or email

Photo Caption:  The council house has two rings of benches, an inner ring for tribal leaders and speakers and an outer ring for public and onlookers.