Hummingbird Banding at DCP

A favorite program returns to the park! Anyone who feeds or watches hummingbirds will love this program. It’s a little known fact that Ruby-throated Hummingbirds replace all their feathers every year. Because of this how would humans determine that the oldest known Ruby-throated Hummingbird has survived for over eight years? Join Amy Wilms to learn more about the hummingbirds that come to visit natural habitats and our own backyard feeders. Participants will learn amazing facts about their migration, their biology, and why they always look like they are fighting. She’ll share why banding is important, what banding has taught scientists about the birds, and the training involved in becoming a hummingbird bander. In addition, she’ll discuss how to age and sex the hummers that come to our feeders and how banders process and band these beautiful birds. Join us to explore these wonderful birds and what people can do to welcome hummingbirds to their backyards. Preregistration is required for this free morning of hummingbird exploration.

For more information about this program or any other Park District program or to register, please give the Nature Center a call at (937) 548-0165, or email

Did you know? Hummingbird leg bands are so tiny they fit on a toothpick or a safety pin.