Survival Skills: Water Purification Methods

Ohio has plenty of freshwater, but is it safe to drink? Darke County Parks is pleased to welcome back Rob Simpson, owner of the Canteen Shop on West 3rd Street in Greenville. On Saturday, July 30th at 1pm Rob will discuss methods of water filtering and treatment. With water so readily available, most people don’t think about what they would do on the trail without it. Learn what to bring along on longer hikes or what to have with you “just in case”. Participants will spend some time outdoors, so remember to dress for the conditions. Preregistration is required for this free afternoon of survival education.

For more information about this program or any other Park District program or to register, please give the Nature Center a call at (937) 548-0165, or email

Did you know: Visual inspection of water is never enough to determine if the water is safe to drink.