CPS Donates to Darke County Parks (click for photo)

For last year’s Prairie Days festival Darke County Parks began a new tradition of pressing sorghum with an antique press. The demonstration met with such resounding support that the park district decided to continue and plant another crop of sorghum this year. Through the assistance of park volunteer Neal Schmidt, Crop Production Services of Ansonia donated soil nutrients and spray as well as company time to apply the product on this year’s crop. Darke County Parks would like to extend a very special thank you to Crop Prodution Services of Ansonia for helping to make this year’s crop even better than last year’s and in turn helping to educate the next generation about crops and farming practices of year’s past.

Photo Caption: Darke County Parks would like to thank Darrell Gower, Crop Production Services Site Manager, and the CPS staff for donating the product and time for this year’s sorghum crop.