DCP Volunteer Training on Raptors

Darke County Parks has begun a new series of trainings and presentations specifically tailored to volunteers, and the next one is about raptors, another name for birds of prey. The park staff invites new and veteran volunteers to join them on Monday, December 12th at 10am at the Nature Center for a program on these fierce carnivores of the sky.

Kathi McQueen, volunteer coordinator and naturalist, recently traveled to the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri for an extensive workshop on handling, caring for, and educating with raptors of all shapes and sizes. She will share what she learned on her trip and how the staff and volunteers plan to use that information right here in Darke County.

Volunteers will also be treated to a visit by Darke County Parks’ resident raptor Greta, the Great Horned Owl. Because she has significant vision issues and is missing a critical talon, she cannot be released back into the wild. It is only through state and federal permits that the park can keep her in captivity. The Darke County Park District obtained Greta in 2012 from Butler County MetroParks, and she is now thought to be twelve years old. Greta works as a wildlife ambassador teaching children and adults alike about birds of prey.

If you are a DCP volunteer and are interested in participating in this exciting program or if you are not a volunteer and would like more information about getting involved, please call Kathi McQueen at the Nature Center at (937) 548-0165.

Did you know? If humans had the same proportion as Great Horned Owls, our eyes would be the size of softballs.