20 December, 2014
The Naturalist's Corner
The Naturalist's Corner

Looking for information on the natural or cultural history of Darke County? What about some information on birds, mammals and more? If so, you've come to the right place!!

This page will be updated frequently to include new stories, so be sure to check it often! Now you won't have to wait for the next Nature Notes to learn more!

Please email us to let us know if there are any topics you would like to learn more about!

Learn more about all of our furry friends. What makes a mammal, a mammal? What type of mammals do we have here in Darke County? Can mammals fly? Find out here !
Mammal Naturalist Corners
Are you an avid Birder, or just a fledgling? Find out all you can here about Darke County's Birds! Find out what species we have, what makes them sing and more! Also, learn a little about what makes us birders tick !
Bird Naturalist Corners
BUGS! SPIDERS! Do our many-legged residents give you the heebie-jeebies? Or can you not get enough legs?! Either way, crawl on over to this page and check it out !
Insect Naturalist Corners
Do you squeal with delight or fear when a snake slithers across your path? Do you fall asleep to the serenade of evening frog song, or do you long for some peace and quiet? And just why are amphibians skin so slimy?!
Herp Naturalist Corners
While they may live in a completely different world from us, fish are remarkable creatures. Whether it be the way they can sense movement in the water, to their amazing ability to migrate to their breeding grounds; fish never cease to amaze!
Fish Naturalist Corners
Learn more of the Natural History about Darke County and beyond! Learn about anything from alien plants and animals, to how the ecosystem we all live in functions.
Natural History Naturalist Corners
With the new addition of our Log House at Shawnee Prairie, a whole new wave of cultural history programs are on their way! Make sure to keep tuned to Nature Notes for info! But in the mean time, check out our stories here!
Cultural History Naturalist Corners
Plants - Those wonderful green (and many other colored) things that give us our air to breath, food to eat and food for other animals to eat. Without plants we would be in a whole world of hurt. Now, go outside and thank a plant for the food you are eating.
Plant Naturalist Corners
Parks News Updates
Special Board Meeting
Updated 18 Dec, 2014
The Darke County Park Board of Commissioners will hold a Special Board Meeting on Tuesday, December 30 at 8am.
Nature Center CLOSED - Dec. 24-25
Updated 20 Dec, 2014
The Nature Center and Park Offices will be CLOSED on Dec. 24-25 in observance of Christmas. All trails will remain open Dawn-Dusk.
Winter Nature Notes!
Updated 12 Nov, 2014
Snow crunching underfoot; the flash of a red cardinal... it may be cold, but the senses are still invigorated in the winter. Check out our programs (indoor & outdoor) and we hope to see you!
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Darke County Parks on Facebook
Updated 20 Nov, 2013
We are on Facebook! Become a fan and get up to the minute reminders/updates for upcoming programs. With over 1,000 "likes" this is the place to be!
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Seeking Volunteers
Updated 7 Jan, 2014
Looking for a way to give back to your community? We've got your answer!
More Info HERE
Early Morning Discovery Hikes
Updated 18 April, 2014
Early Morning Discovery Hikes occur each and every Tuesday morning. We'll start at 8am in the parking lot at Shawnee Prairie. Let's see what is happening on the trails!
Battery Recycling
Updated 9 Feb, 2013
Lots of dead batteries laying around the house? Need some place to get rid of them? Find out more here!
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DCPark's Flickr Group
Updated 6 Jan, 2012
We want to see your photos! Add some of your photos to our Flickr page and share with the world how great YOUR Parks are!
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